How To Become Rich

There are many ways to become rich. In fact, the are so many ways to make money: a daily job, trade foreign exchange, trade stock, making money investment online, investments in property. Each of these options requires a different level of capital to start with.

Usually, making money online requires little monthly expenses to build and host a website say 10-20 USD. Other ways such as stock trading or foreign exchange require a fair capital say $10,000. You may even find a way of earning money online by filling online surveys.

They pay between 5-75 dollars per survey.

The first step in your journey to be rich is to not accumulate debt. If you intend to have your own business, avoid any debt problems. Avoid the idea of filing a bankruptcy or chapter 11. It will take you years to have a good credit rating by the credit rating agencies.

Debt problems can never magically disappear from your life. Accumulating debt is easy and progressive, but getting ride of it is uphill journey. It all depends on how much debt you have and how much your income is.

Before starting on how to reduce your debt problems, you should always aim for no further borrowing. Do you need a car? Just save for it. Become a saver and cash buyer from now on.
When you have debt problem, it is time to think about increasing your income as well. Another job or utilize a skill that never though you have, or starting a business that almost cost nothing is a good start. Think of starting your website and sell advertisement on it. Tutorials from Earn Money Online Hub should help you start with such an idea.

When you think of applying for a loan, think how much do you need. Most importantly, think of how much you can afford paying off the loan using a worst case scenario. You will always need to buy pair of shoes, a new trouser or something for the person you love. So, avoid having debt problems by
thinking that you can pay off the load quickly because you intend to squeeze your expenses.

New Reforms To Ease Trading

The Securities and Exchange Board of India has lined up new reforms which are intended to make it easier for the banks to turn bad loans into equity. This is believed to bring in fresh investments and loans for new start-ups, young entrepreneurs and even the big players in the market.
To help young entrepreneurs raise funds, Sebi announced the setting up of new avenues such as Institutional Trading Platform (ITP) and crowd-funding and will develop this concept further to make its enforcement process more efficient.
It has also cleared the norms for the stock market listing of the Municipal Bonds which will aid in developing better smart cities and bring more public funding. This is relatively a new type of funding model and it will work as an Acid Test for the rest to come in the future.
In order to curb “Insider Trading” and leaking of price-sensitive information, Sebi has made it mandatory for companies to make the decisions of the Board meetings public within 30 minutes of the meeting.
Finance minister Arun Jaitley who also addressed the board meeting claimed the setting up of a global financial hub in India- International Financial Service Centres (IFSC) like the one in Singapore and Dubai. First IFSC in India will be set up in Gujarat called the Gujarat International Finance Tech-City.
It has also eased the norms for managing domestic funds pooled in the offshore markets. It has eased the existing “20-25” rule, according to which a minimum of 20 investors with 25% of individual capital is required. This will help the investors manage their offshore investments effectively and also garner more business”, said Sebi.
In his first post-budget meeting with the Sebi board, the finance minister Arun Jaitley also discussed the trends in the investments by foreign institutional investors in the securities markets. “They said about capacity building at Sebi, both in terms of ability to aquaint with the subjects and other infrastructure requirements”, Jaitley said at the meeting.



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